Project   Herbert-Wehner-Platz
Client   Management des öffentlichen Raumes Harburg
Abteilung Stadtgrün Bezirksamt Hamburg-Harburg
Location   Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Planning period   2018-2020
Construction period   2021-2022
Completion   2022
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 - 8)
Cost   1.5 Mio Euro
Area   6.000 square meters

Herbert Wehner was an integral icon within Hamburg City. The redesign for Herbert Wehner Platz was inspired by Wehner’s unbreakable contribution to the City. We used a simple and elegant design inspired by his uniform, namely his tie and smoking pipe. The brickwork was based off the hatch of this uniform and a defining feature of the paving within the identity and placemaking for this site. Historically coming from a turbulent era, the flow of the space is represented through the patterns within the design. The placement of islands, furniture and vegetation is figuratively expressed as the smoke rings from his pipe.

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