Project   Volme Freizeitpark
Client   Municipality Kierspe
Location   Kirspe, Germany
Planning period   2014
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Partner   Spreen Architekten
Cost   0.8 million Euro
Area   1.2 ha
Awards   3rd prize in landscape architectural competition, 2014

On the site of a former industrial wasteland emerges a new park in the center of the small city of Kierspe. The design focuses on the restored course of the stream named Volme to its original state, as well as the topography of the Volmetal (‘Volme Valley’). The design was inspired by the mythological Aphrodite, ‘born from foam’, who rises from water and brings beauty to the world. She was the first beautiful thing created through the original creature’s dispute and outrage against each other. Just like Aphrodite, the ‘renaturalization’ of the stream represents the birth of something new and pleasant, the birth of a new park. Nature and industry in rivalry for something new, something beautiful – the Volme Leisure Park of Kierspe. The restored stream with its smooth waves and the dynamic of the water together with the topography of the valley are transferred onto the leisure park’s new design.

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