Project   Hotel & Gastronomy at Veritaskai
Client   Hotel Veritaskai Projektgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Location   City of Hamburg, Germany
Planning Period   2017-2019
Construction Period   2019-2021
Completion   2021
Service   Planning (Lph 1-6)
Cost   0.85 million Euro
Area   0.5 ha
Awards   1st prize, landscape design competition 2017

The design is based on the theme "all aboard!”, caused on the exposed and widely visible position of the new hotel building and the quay facilities. They anchor like a cargo ship at the harbor in Hamburg-Harburg. The focus of the newly designed waterfront promenade, and the quay is the use of authentic materials utilized within the former industrial port. Materials like raw wood planks, concrete and used natural stone pavement. This radical authenticity is the guarantee for this specific atmospheric. Gentle grass plantations that seem to grow out of the over-sized pavement joints contrast the pre-industrial materiality and accompany visitors into the now.

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