Project   Wuli Square
Client   Hangzhou Tourismusgruppe
Hangzhou, Xianchen Investitionsgesellschaft Ltd.
Location   Hangzhou, P.R. China
Planning period   2008
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph.2)
Partner   Obermeyer Planen und Beraten GmbH (OPB)
MOD, Shanghai
Cost   8.2 million Euro
Area   1.2 ha
Awards   2nd prize, 2008

Already one thousand years ago Hangzhou was praised as a paradise, a garden on earth. The city is one of the most popular travel destinations in China, and Wuli Square is centrally located within the municipal area of Hangzhou.

The City Balcony shopping and cultural center is at the end of the axis between the Municipal Citizen Center and the meandering Qiantangjiang River, with Wuli Square floating above the shopping complex located below grade and accessible via escalators. A paving pattern of gently varying colors transfers the language of the surrounding architecture and articulates the site’s identity. Loose groups of evergreen trees in round planting areas contrast the orthogonal character of the surrounding urban layout and mark the transitions between above and below ground, while meandering paving strips connect the planting areas and echo the fluidity of the river. In these green oases visitors can relax and escape the bustling surroundings.

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