Project   Schlossgarten
Client   City of Osnabruck, Germany
Location   Osnabruck, Niedersachsen
Planning period   2017-2019
Construction period   2018-2020
Completion   2021
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 – 8)
Cost   1.5 million Euro
Area   5.0 ha
Awards   1st prize in landscape architectural competition, 2017

The redesign of the baroque Osnabruck Schlossgarten brings up new possibilities in dealing with historic gardens in our time. It is not about reconstruction, but interpretation. It is about the transformation of that past, once radically modern and ahead of its time, now a distorted image of our ideas of yesteryear. But the garden in the baroque times is a garden of mathematical balance geometrical tricks and scientific dendrological order.
The Osnabruck Schlossgarten will get a new heart within the garden, illustrated by fountains in front of the baroque castles facade. Fifteen gargoyles for various water fountains emphasize the playful and therefore very baroque interaction between castle and garden. Two symmetrically arranged bosquets hosting playground for children different ages. Adjacent to the spacious castle terrace, a stretched out stone throne offers rest for all and a privileged view of the seductive flowerbeds and the water fountains.

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