Project   Quartier 111
Client   TAS Unternehmensgruppe KG
Bicon Generalplanung GmbH
Location   City of Cologne (Köln-Braunsfeld), Germany
Planning period   2019-2021
Construction period   2020–2023
Completion   2023
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 - 8)
Partners   Tim Hupe Architekten, Hamburg
Cost   1,5 million Euro
Area   1,7 ha

Syntheses of architecture and shared space is often a challenging process. Designing with nature in an urban context requires negotiation between the poetics of organic vegetation and hard edges. This project draws on the tension of these forms to highlight and expose natures beauty. A play with water, paving, topography and a wide range of plant species.
The outdoor space becomes urban pixilated borders, reflecting the surrounding building formations.The design highlights the functional rehabilitative qualities of outdoor space.
Naturelands and art are some of POLA’s favorite topics!

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