Project   Planten un Blomen / Dag- Hammarskjöld-Platz
Client   Behörde für Umwelt und Energie (BUE), Hamburg, Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte
Location   Hamburg, Germany
Planning period   2015 – 2018
Construction period   2018 - 2020
Completion   2020
Service   Planning (Lph 1-5)
Partner   BUBE, Rotterdam
Construction cost   7.8 million Euro
Area   4 ha
Awards   1st prize, 2015

The inspiration behind the expansion of Planten un Blomen is the elegant modesty of the heritage Botanical Garden and Planten un Blomen Garden. The current dark and hard atmosphere of the predominantly paved site is transformed through open, green terraces and the site becomes bright and welcoming.

The proposed design dramatically alters accessibility to the site for all visitors. The existing six-meter high retaining wall across from Hamburg Dammtor train station, which not only obscures a direct view of the park but renders it physically inaccessible, is removed and the area is regraded. A sculptural staircase opens onto the Congress Centre Hamburg (CCH) courtyard and the Dag-Hammarskjöl-Platz becomes the new anteroom to the Botanical Garden. From this vantage point, visitors are given an impressive view into the Botanical Garden and Dammtor train station is visually brought closer to the garden. The succession of various spaces and green areas together with the new view of the Stephanplatz and the CCH courtyard means that for the first time, these individual spaces are transformed into a harmonious and unified ensemble.

Variously sized terraces connect the parks and plazas whereby Planten un Blomen and the Botanical Garden act as central anchor points. The transformation of Marseiller Street from a sunken arterial road into a luminous landscape that connects the neighbouring Bucerius Law School with Planten un Blomen, and the exhibition grounds with the Botanical Garden heals a rift at an urban scale.

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