Project   Schlosspark Morsbroich
Client   Kulturstadt Leverkusen
Location   Leverkusen, Germany
Planning period   2020-2021
Construction period   2022-2023
Completion   2023
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 – 8)
Cost   0.75 million Euro
Area   2,5 ha
Awards   1st prize, landscape design competition 2020

This parkland is a contemporary signifier of social action and contemplation in our society. Within the parkland visitors experience something akin to looking at art: A presence of now accompanied with simultaneous distance from the world. Forcing us to consciously see and recognize ourselves in the world we live. This park is a mirror in which we see and understand cultural, historical and political connections. Morsbroich is a prime example of a project made with love and worth a visit for all those who are inspired by art and want to be lead into new worlds of thought and perception. A ray of hope and a source of inspiration.

Within the park we designed a series of ecological ‘room-garden's’, each is unique. The ring has two repercussions, a new wetland evolves, and an island of tree species are protected from human intervention. Additionally, an informal path weaves, winds and relocates alongside seasonal flux.

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