Project   Molasseterrace
Client   City of Überlingen, Landesgartenschau 2019 GmbH
Location   Überlingen am Bodensee, Germany
Planning period   2013
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Cost   6.8 million Euro
Area   7 ha

The distinctive scenery of Lake Constance as it meets the Molassekante shore is the defining element of this design. An interplay between the steep escarpment and terraced shoreline seating, the Molassekante shore and the many parks, gardens and urban ensembles of Überlingen’s lakefront is orchestrated to articulate new urban and landscape spaces. The connecting link is the two-kilometer promenade from the Sylvester Chapel in the west to the Mantelhafen marina to the east. Strollers along the promenade experience a dynamic exchange between water and garden, rest and action, width and narrowness, acceleration and deceleration.

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