Project   Marketplace & Lammegarten
Client   Municipality of Bad Salzdetfurth
Location   City of Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany
Planning period   2018-2019
Construction period   2019-2020
Completion   2020
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 – 8)
Cost   1.2 million Euro
Area   0.5 ha
Awards   1st prize, landscape design competition 2017

Marketplace and Lammegarten emphasizes the medieval building structure of Bad Salzdetfurth with their purist, restrained design. The historic half-timbered facades are celebrities in this city scape spectacle and create an authentic atmosphere. According to that, the marketplace is restrained in its design and changed from a high traffic street into a restricted traffic area. The Lammegarten, at the riverbank below the marketplace, is filled with water plants embedded in a regional riparian vegetation.
Design highlights are the new Salzdetfurther Benches. The townscape defining framework is the archetype of the design for the combinable benches.

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