Project   Kyffhäuser Nationaldenkmal
Client   Kyffhäuserkreis, Thüringen
Location   Bad Frankenhausen, Germany
Planning period   2020
Construction period   2020-2023
Completion   2023
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Cost   13.0 million Euro
Area   1,5 ha
Awards   2nd prize competition, 2020

The Kyffhäuser Monument, a phenomenal site that sits high in the mountain ranges of Kyffhäuser. The design integrates transport and accessibility needs into the historical setting. Our priority was to make the new invisible and windows onto the old inset in red sandstone ruins. Respectfully encouraging visitors to experience the stillness of the place in turn promoting ecological and environmental growth. We offer a green infrastructure in the purest spirit.

Rock and stone formations complement the vegetation. The basement of the parking deck evokes mystical cave formations of the region. As in a cave the light from above flows into the underground through geometric rings. The existing site offers so much history and geological phenomena that this proposal ran with, exposing and enhancing.

Step into an exposition of practical and mystical. POLA is always striving to acknowledge in-between spaces that germinate from the meeting of two epochs.

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