Project   Grüne Mitte Heimfeld
Client   Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes
Abteilung Stadtgrün Bezirksamt Hamburg-Harburg
Location   City of Hamburg, Germany
Planning period   2016
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1-8)
Cost   320 000 Euro
Area   0.4 ha
Photo credits   Martin Mai

A playful mantra of “unify and beautify” is used to design this park at the center of an architecturally heterogenous and disparate neighborhood. The double rows of hedges used to frame the new park take a cue from the Carpinus hedges used on properties nearby, but they are used to outline the cheerful landscape now located inside and in contrast to the orthogonal forms of the surrounding buildings. An innovative use of custom-designed, high-quality poured-in-place concrete provides texture to the paving; meanwhile, whimsical vegetated mounds undulate through the landscape and flowering fruit trees add a splash of springtime color, further animating the neighborhood.

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