Project   Hofgärten am Seerhein
Client   BHS – Städtebau Bodensee/Hegau GmbH, Konstanz
WOBAK Städtische Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH, Konstanz
Location   Konstanz, Germany
Planning period   2003 - 2006
Service   Planning and construction supervising (Lph. 1-6/8)
Partner   Klaus Theo Brenner – Stadtarchitektur, Berlin
Cost   850 000 Euro
Area   2 200 sqm
Awards   1st prize, 2003
Photography credit   Jörg Michel, Rene Wildgruber

In this contemporary residential area in the city of Konstanz, the archetypical courtyard garden is updated and modernized to complement sight lines to the Rhine River as it flows into Lake Constance. The interplay between architectural form and planting areas creates a harmonious meander along the Rhine. Views to the river are created by using ha-ha walls, a landscape element that dates back to 17th and 18th century garden art. These modern ha-has are created with 2.8 meter tall courtyard terraces, subtly conveying the separation between private and public areas. The garden courtyards, located above the underground garage, were designed and implemented as an intensive multi-level green roof.

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