Project   Gleispark
Client   Municipality Oelsnitz / Federal State of Saxonia
Location   Oelsnitz, Germany
Planning period   2012
Completion   2014
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Partner   Spreen Architekten
Cost   5.0 million Euro
Area   6.0 ha
Awards   4th prize, 2012

Gleispark uses a minimalistic design that incorporates the elemental parts of a postindustrial site in Oelsnitz, a former mining community. Oelsnitz is also the birthplace of 18th century German Romanticism, which is often associated with the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and has much in common with contemporary landscape design. Ruins of gothic churches and Hellenistic pavilions were the fixed backdrop for Romantic transfiguration, similar to contemporary postindustrial landscapes with abandoned railway tracks or damaged factory buildings–today’s reused landscapes.

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