Project   Georgswall
Client   City of Aurich
Location   Bürgermeister-Hippen-Platz 1, Aurich, Germany
Planning period   2009 - 2012
Construction period   2012 - 2014
Completion   2014
Service   Planning and Construction supervising (Lph 1-8)
Partner   Oliver Haag (LPH 1-2)
Cost   3.2 million EUR
Area   1.2 ha
Awards   1st prize in landscape architectural competition, 2008
Nomination, Baukulturpreis Bundesstiftung Baukultur, 2015
Photography credit   Martin Mai

Georgswall Park is situated in the heart of the small town of Aurich, and is a site that is a diverse compilation of history and stories that become apparent through the former Georgswall rampart, boat canal and formal park.

The design leaves Georgswall Park as a wide open green space characterized by its linearity and width; an second row of newly planted trees emphasizes the rampart’s urban border to the north. The shape of the former harbor is traced by a seat wall that functions as a prelude to the park, while a pond behind the seat wall acts as a reminder of the historic canal and connects to the adjacent historic buildings. Letters installed inside the pond spell out “Oll Haven Auerk”, referring to “Old Aurich Harbor”. Thus, new elements are added to the already attractive space to the west of the rampart, offering an invitation to rest and telling of the past.

A second seat wall emerges out of the new ensemble and is reminiscent of the old rampart while the Georgswall itself is framed by an accessible, paved traffic area. The new seating areas, water and play features and small open spaces for events have transformed the Georgswall into a vibrant place for all visitors.

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