Project   Gardenfish
Client   Landsgartenschau Prenzlau 2013 GmbH
Location   Prenzlau, Germany
Planning period   2011 – 2012
Construction period   2012 - 2013
Completion   2013
Service   Planning and construction supervising (Lph 1-9)
Cost   22 000 Euro
Area   100 sqm
Photography credit   Jörg Michel, Marcus Bredt

A garden for fish. A garden for humans. A garden for both. A place for each to face the other at eye level. There is no up and down. There is no in between. There is no inside and outside. It is a spectacle, a garden spectacle, made possible with a glass cylinder, open at the bottom and standing free in the pool. The fish is damned to live underwater, but maybe it will swim above the water; it will take a risk to look up and to discover the garden designed around it. It has the possibility to swim into the cylinder, following the warm water up. Fish and human exchange glances, meeting at eye level. Fish, Human, Nature, on par with each other.

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