EUROPAPLATZ in Heidelberg (Bahnstadt Heidelberg)

Project   Europaplatz, Heidelberg
Client   DSK GmbH & Co KG on behalf of the city of Heidelberg
Gustav-Zech-Stiftung Heidelberg GmbH
Location   Heidelberg, Germany
Planning period   2018-2021
Construction period   2021-2023
Completion   2023
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1 – 8)
Cost   2.7 million Euro
Area   1 ha
Awards   1st prize, landscape design competition 2017

A diamond in the rough. The Europaplatz caters for both private and public use. Thoughtfully designed garden beds in ornamental circular shapes. Trees are hugged by perennial-grass mixtures appropriate to the location. The interplay of planting islands and furniture is highlighted by surface inlays of light-coloured, polished mastic asphalt. An open, urban square offers space for events and functions. The Europaplatz enables a connection between a new hotel and congress center, defining clear thoroughfares and passive spaces.

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