Project   Dammfeste and Schloßplatz
Client   Stadt Wolfenbüttel
Location   Wolfenbüttel, Germany
Planning period   2015
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Cost   5 million Euro
Area   2.3 ha

The redesign of the Dammfeste and the Wolfenbüttel Palace Square is based on the notion of “city carpet”, a historical model of the Dammfeste from the mid 19th century. The first such carpet of yellow natural stone paving is placed over Wolfenbüttel Palace Square, which creates a connection among the historic arsenal, granary, riding hall, Herzog August Library as well as the southern Palace Square buildings. This typical floor covering of the baroque Cour d’honneur is the new centerpiece of the square as it transitions into the pedestrian area of the Löwenstraße. A second carpet, the “park carpet”, stretches out in front of the Herzog August Library and creates the vegetative counterpart to the urban “city carpet” in front of the palace square. Thus, two urban quarters are united through one uniform concept.

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