Project   Cloudburst
Client   Landsgartenschau Prenzlau 2013 GmbH
Location   Prenzlau, Germany
Planning period   2011 – 2012
Construction period   2012-2013
Completion   2013
Service   Planning and construction supervising (Lph 1-9)
Construction cost   17 000 Euro
Area size   110 sqm
Photography credit   Jörg Michel, Marcus Bredt

Cloudburst is a garden designed to celebrate the joy and instability of being. The changes of nature as represented through the garden communicate the essence of being. Every moment, every temperature fluctuation is visible and palpable in the garden. Cloudburst is a place that welcomes all to discover, to smell, to feel with one’s own heart and skin, and to see with one’s own eye.

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