Project   Buttermarkt und Hafen Elmshorn
Client   City of Elmshorn
Location   Town of Elmshorn, Germany
Planning period   2016
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Partner   Winking · Froh Architekten BDA, Hamburg
Cost   6.0 million Euro
Area   6.5 ha
Awards   Finalist

Like pearls on a string, three newly created urban areas are brought together in a unified urban concept. The new Buttermarkt square, comprising event spaces, weekly farmers market and café, serves as the linchpin of the Town of Elmshorn's urban revitalization. The new square unites key buildings such as the Church of Saint Nicholas, the Old Market building and the newly relocated town hall, shifting the core of the town and allowing it to return to the river.

A fully accessible cycling and pedestrian promenade is created on the northern shore of the Krückau River, running from Buttermarkt square and linking this residential area to the town center and to the surrounding countryside. On the south bank of the Krückau, the maritime and industrial character of the area is referenced through material selection and as a counterpoint to Buttermarkt square. A wood deck at the river’s edge, half a meter below grade, creates a gathering area near the café while amplifying a visual connection to the water; a seat wall running from the deck along the south bank offers additional seating and doubles as flood protection.

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