Project   Beauty Box
Client   Bundesgartenschau Havelregion 2015
Location   Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
Planning period   2014
Construction period   2014-2015
Completion   2015
Service   Planning and construction supervising (Lph 1-8)
Cost   22 000 Euro
Area   110 sqm

The beauty box is a tale of the impossibility to capture. It is the depiction of the here and now combined with the fleetingness of being in a garden. “All that grows is worth to vanish?” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe). The beauty box visualizes the magic of the moment, barely risen, already lost; it presents desire, permanent change, projection of sense and sensuality. The box brings up the idea of change in our daily routine. It draws you in poetically and takes you away, leaving you with the urge to change yourself and your surroundings.

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