Project   Baakenhafen and Elbbrückenquartier
Client   HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Location   City of Hamburg, Germany
Planning period   2016
Service   Planning / Competition (Lph 2)
Cost   10.0 million Euro
Area   4.2 ha
Awards   3rd prize in landscape architectural competition, 2016

The lightness of being and the floating harmony of water is the essential concern of this design.

The fully accessible city plaza slopes down - starting from the flood protected level of the city plaza - to the lower level of the harbor promenade. It has been named after the Italian merchant, navigator and explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

As Vespucci sailed around the world 500 years ago, the visitors of today’s Amerigo Vespucci Plaza gently move around green islands (Amerigo Isola) sloping down four meters from street to wharf level. This way, the visitors experience a constant change of perspective, smell and breeze.

The top-level design of Amerigo Vespucci Plaza creates a gathering area in front of the information pavilion while amplifying visual connection to the harbor. The Amerigo Isola’s are framed with low walls offering additional seating.

The design uses typical harbor materials like brick, stone, concrete as well as wood. It plays with a wide diversity of functions to aim a strong identity within a lively place to be.

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