Project   Umgestaltung Stadtpark „Alte Bibel“ Bernburg
Client   Stadt Bernburg / Saale Grünflächenamt
Location   City of Bernburg, Germany
Planning period   2016–2017
Construction Period   2017–2019
Completion   2019
Service   Planning and construction supervision (Lph 1-8)
Cost   1.4 million Euro
Area   5.4 ha
Awards   1st prize, 2015

A sensitive, discrete approach is taken in the design of the Alte Bibel landscape in order not to spoil the almost mystical atmosphere that pervades the site. A former cemetary that has slowly been transitioned for use as a public park, the site lacks a functional circulation network that would allow visitors to experience the site as the symbiosis between past and present that it is. The historic axes are preserved but three circulation hierarchies are established, guiding visitors to explore and perceive the site at various speeds. Scultpural, crystal-like benches that double as light features tie into the City of Bernburg’s historical industry of salt mining. A visually permeable fence completes a missing portion of the historical cemetary wall while park entrances are redesigned to include interpretative signage, formalize access points to the park and signal that an exceptional experience awaits within.

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