POLA stands for Poetic Landscapes.
Beauty is simply a source of happiness. We make people happy by designing beautiful spaces. Our designs focus on the history and atmosphere of each site we work on. As every place has its own unique story, we rethink and transform each space into a new poetic landscape.

POLA was founded by Jörg Michel in 2009 as an internationally operating landscape architecture studio. Our approach is based on a design-driven, process-orientated practice that creates, restores and enhances the urban and natural environments. The idea of cultural and emotional resonance is paramount to what we do. We offer implementable solutions that improve the quality of life and promote the sustainable use of resources.

As a firm our capabilities include:

  • Providing an innovative and integrated approach to complex landscape design challenges.
  • Tenaciously searching for optimal solutions that ensure dynamic landscapes.
  • Developing and designing unique and identifiable resort communities.
  • Designing projects that cater to the needs of both local and international users.
  • Understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Managing multi-disciplinary teams on fast-track projects of all scales.
  • Implementing established quality assurance procedures involving regular internal design review sessions at critical stages of the design process.

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